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Computer laboratory

The IB UJ computer laboratory is located at 3 Gronostajowa St., room 0.12. It is equipped with 14 computers connected to the building server. The laboratory can be used by IB employees, IB PhD students and students. Detailed rules for using the studio are set out in the regulations.

Supervisor: Prof. Grzegorz Góralski, Jagiellonian University, 9 Gronostajowa St., room 2.14,
phone: 12 664-60-28.


Regulations of the IB UJ computer laboratory

  1. Employees, PhD students and students of the IB UJ as well as participants of current computer courses have access to the network.
  2. The laboratory is available every day, except for the night hours. The key to the laboratory can be obtained at the porter's lodge after leaving a student ID.
  3. People using the computer laboratory are responsible for the computer equipment they use, as well as for order in the room. After finishing work, please turn off your computer.
  4. The network serves scientific and didactic purposes, not commercial. Violation of this rule may result in the loss of the right to work in the network.